Established in 2006, KingstonCitizens.org is a non-partisan, grassroots, volunteer organization committed to nurturing transparency in local government through public engagement and participation. We've created this timeline to provide a comprehensive public record of our campaign advocacy since 2007. You can review our entire history or choose from one of the 25 categories to select a campaign that interests you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to: rebecca@kingstoncitizens.org

2007-01-25 07:00:00

Ward 9 community group is initiated

The first public meeting organized by Rebecca Martin, and with the support of Arthur Zackiewicz, Jennifer O’Donnell and Jennifer McKinley.

2007-03-29 07:00:00

Leaf Bagging in the City of Kingston and Chiz's Heart Street

With the success of removing knives from the Citgo Station earlier in the year, our group decided to continue regular monthly meetings that would continue for years. Our first public meeting was held at the old Muddy Cup at the Millard building in Midtown

2007-06-21 19:00:00

5/21/07: Ward 9 Community Group's Monthly Ward Meetings

Ward 9 community meetings were organized monthly and would continue for several years.

2007-07-19 11:00:00

Ward 9 Community Group's Monthly Ward Meetings

Ward 9 community meetings were organized monthly and would continue for several years.

2007-08-16 10:00:00

Ward 9 Community Group's Monthly Ward Meetings

Ward 9 community meetings were organized monthly and would continue for several years.

2007-10-04 15:00:00

Roots Rising: Ward 9 Community Group

‘The (Ward 9 meetings) have a structure and a pointed focus to be consistent. By setting things up this way, we see residents coming out and wanting to participate. It’s like a civics lesson.”

2007-10-11 15:00:00

Making Healthy Affordable

“Ward 9 community members who attended regular meetings came up with all sorts of new ideas to leverage their expertise in the City of Kingston. Projects such as a natural food buying club and an urban land trust (Kingston Land Trust) emerged from these regular monthly meetings.”

2008-12-29 14:00:00

Growing Green

“…Color has faded from the countryside as winter has arrived, but the Kingston Land Trust’s Garden Collective is envisioning a greener Kingston nonetheless

2009-01-01 00:00:00

KingstonCitizens.org starts blog new

Logo by Mark Greene. The Ward 9 community group has a new name (KingstonCitizens.org) and blog by the writer Arthur Zackiewicz.

2009-01-02 07:00:00

Bundle Up and Meet Some Friends

“Jennifer is opening up the buying club, located next to the toy store on lower Broadway, downtown, for the art walk this Saturday, January 3. If you haven’t been to the space, stop by. It’s a terrific gift to the city and residents. As you enter the store, on the left, there’s a huge mural with art work from children

2009-01-16 13:00:00

Benefit concert for victory gardens in Kingston

KingstonCitizens.org raises more than $10,000 for garden projects in the city of Kingston.

2009-01-22 15:00:00

KingstonCitizens.org supports Public Montessori Program in Kingston

“One of the mantra’s of the program, which is why it works so well, is to “never do for a child what they can do for themselves.” Also, as Griggs points out, there are no punishments or bribes

2009-01-25 15:00:00

Future of the Pike Plan discussion

“Recently, city officials have said there’s a petition going around calling for Kingston to abandon the project. Several businesses would like to see the structure, which is rotting in places, be torn down.”

2009-01-26 13:00:00

Traffic Safety in Ward 4

“Jeanne Edwards has a short wish list for the area near the library. “I would like to see Franklin st one way from Clinton to Broadway, then have Vanburen St one way from Broadway to Furnace. Make Franklin, and Vanburen both sides of the street parking

2009-01-28 08:00:00

Ward 9 Visioning Session is Open to All

“Over the years, several residents…made a big effort to work with the city in support of a new comprehensive planning process. Something that we called ‘Kingston 2020’ and one that we hoped would be embraced as a citywide effort. Different from the way it had been done up until this time

2009-02-14 00:00:00

Ward 9 Visioning Event

“About 20 people gathered this past Saturday at the Kingston Food & Gardens storefront at 33 Broadway for the “Ward 9 is Yours’ and Mine” visioning session, which focused on the commercial business area on Broadway between Foxhall Avenue and West/East Chester streets.”

2009-02-24 14:00:00

Ev Mann on Carnegie Library Project

“Robert ‘Evry’ Mann, founder of the Center for Creative Education, took some time with the KingstonCitizens.org blog to update the community on the next steps in the Carnegie Library Project as well as why this work is important for youth of our community

2009-03-01 13:00:00

Ward 1 Sets Meeting Date

A new ward group emerges. “Maria Loeffel, who runs the Ward 1 Yahoo! Group has set March 31 for the group’s first community meeting. The event will be at the Kingston Library, and runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Alderman Al Teetsel and Rebecca Martin will be there.”

2009-03-05 15:00:00

Kingston City Hall Readies For Victory Garden

“Did you hear about the Victory Garden that’s planned for City Hall? Rebecca Martin and a host of volunteers are working with the mayor’s office and the Kingston City Schools to create this amazing project that brings together city and school officials, students, volunteers and professional gardeners.”

2009-03-15 13:00:00

KingstonCitizens.org's Stop, Shop and Get to Know Launched

“KingstonCitizens.org invites you to get to know your local businesses! Get to know our local gems by reading bios and fun facts. Be sure to shop local and take advantage of their generous promotions offered here at KingstonCitizens.org

2009-03-15 13:00:00

KingstonCitizens.org launches PlanKingston.org

“Last night, “something extraordinary happened” at Gabriel’s on John Street: twenty six community leaders gathered for an intimate meal and a “pointed discussion on the positive efforts being had in the city of Kingston,” according to Plankingston.org

2009-03-15 22:00:00

Seed library grows

“As part of its community involvement, the company donated seeds for the planting of a Victory Garden slated for ground-breaking at Kingston City Hall, 420 Broadway, the morning of April 22 — Earth Day. Squash, maize and climbing beans will be planted. Students from Kingston public schools also will be involved

2009-03-24 14:00:00

City Gardens Projects Sows Seeds


2009-03-29 13:00:00

Upcoming League Meeting to Discuss Future of Golden Hill

“The Mid-Hudson League of Women Voters will present a program in order to come to consensus on the future of the Golden Hill Health Related Facility in Ulster County,” the League says on its website. “It will include an overview of our study and the pros and cons of the consensus questions will be discussed

2009-04-08 00:00:00

Flower garden makes way for vegetables

“The “heavenly” scent, however, is merely a perk. The real reason Martin — founder of the Kingston Victory Garden Project — had the beds installed was to replace railroad ties treated with toxic materials like arsenic and creosote, which can leach into soil

2009-04-19 11:00:00

Phase One of City Hall Victory Garden Project Done

“The first phase of the installation of the Victory Garden at City Hall was completed today.”

2009-04-22 13:00:00

City Hall Victory Garden Breaks Ground

“Tossing seeds into the Victory Garden outside Kingston City Hall on Wednesday are, from left, Rebecca Martin, the driving force behind the effort; Emmanuel Nneji, a lawyer in the state attorney general’s regional office in Poughkeepsie; and Kingston Mayor James Sottile.”

2009-04-24 04:00:00

ROLL MAGAZINE: Rebecca Martin and the Victory Garden


2009-08-22 00:00:00

Candidates in Kingston’s Ward 9 plan debate

“A debate among candidates for Common Council in Ward 9 is scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 2 at City Hall. Participating candidates are Deb Brown, the Republican and Conservative candidate; Hayes Clement, a Democratic and Independent candidate; and Mark Halwick, a Democratic candidate

2009-09-01 17:00:00

Victory Gardens project catches on in Kingston

“Rebecca Martin pointed out a patch of lawn in front of her modest West Chester Street home. She described it as “useless, really.” The 40-year-old former New York City resident has the same feeling about vacant, underutilized urban lots and flat rooftops that show nothing but roofing material

2009-09-08 00:00:00

Environmental Focus on Kingston: Give Me A “C”, “S”, “O”!

“On average Kingston receives 47.48 inches of rain a year, with May being the wettest month. This summer alone we’ve been deluged with roughly 17 inches of the wet stuff. While my friends are all bemoaning the loss of blight ridden tomatoes, I’ve been worrying about a problem that runs a little deeper

2009-09-08 13:00:00

Introducing: Environmental Focus On Kingston

“In “Environmental Focus on Kingston”, topics will focus on the simple environmental changes and actions everyday citizens can do like rainwater harvesting, composting, tips for greener living and recycling techniques

2009-10-04 09:00:00

KingstonCitizens.org “Leave It On The Lawn, Kingston!” Program Launched

“It’s no secret that the federal “Leave It On The Lawn” program has done great things in many municipalities nationwide

2009-11-10 13:00:00

HISTORY AT THE STREET LEVEL by Lowell Thing: The Woman In White

“By the time this story was reported in the Freeman, headed “Woman in White Sought by Police,” several gangs of youths had formed to look for this person or whatever it was

2009-11-21 11:00:00

Water Water Everywhere (But Not The Kind To Drink). Does Kingston Have A Plan?


2010-01-04 13:00:00

Council Information Updated at KingstonCitizens.org

“As most know, what we thrive on here at KingstonCitizens.org is to encourage and nurture the ongoing communications between our elected council members and the constituents, AKA Kingston citizens!”

2010-01-06 13:00:00

KingstonCitizens.org Is Now On Facebook


2010-01-28 07:00:00

Stop CVS and Replan/Revitalize Uptown Kingston!

“With the planning efforts underway for the Washington Ave. corridor and the City securing funds to start a comprehensive plan process, Kingston can do so much better than this unneeded and unwise CVS

2010-03-27 13:00:00

It Takes A Community Group


2010-04-17 11:00:00

Square Foot Gardening Presentation at the Kingston City Hall Garden TODAY (4/17)

“Jesica Pascual, volunteer garden manager of the City Hall Victory Garden, will lead a free workshop to on square foot gardening this Saturday, April 17 from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The garden is located on the west side of City Hall, which is located on Broadway across from the Kingston High School.”

2010-04-23 22:00:00

Keeping Up With the Everett Hodge Center

“Every Friday night, Ward 4 resident Jeanne Edwards helps to organize a healthy warm meal for the children as part of the “Hodge Food For Thought/Rewards For Excellence” program. They are always in need of healthy food donation as well as volunteers

2010-04-25 09:00:00

A Public Montessori Program: A Golden Opportunity For the City Of Kingston’s Youth

“Kudos to Valerie Hannum and the The George Washington Montessori School.”

2010-05-15 13:00:00

Be a Part of a Garden Democracy In Kingston

“Residents, community groups, non-profits, community leaders and anyone who is creating or wants to create community gardens in Kingston as well as shape its policy is encouraged to attend a meeting to form a “City Gardens Coalition” on Thursday, May 20, 2010, 6 p.m. at the Kingston Point Park Pavilion

2010-06-15 11:00:00

CVS: Breaking the Chain

“A chain store’s impact on a community can have long-term negative effects. Most obviously is the fact that profits generated by a chain store aren’t reinvested into the local economy as is the case with local, independent businesses

2010-06-20 09:00:00

South Pine Street Garden Makes First Food Donation to Queens Galley

“Farmer Frank and Rebecca Martin making a delivery of turnip greens to the Queens Galley from the South Pine Street Garden.”

2010-07-07 00:00:00

A Local Currency? Introducing Hudson Valley Current

“Last year, I received a phone call from a fairly new resident to Kingston named Sean Griffin who wished to discuss a great idea. He called it the “Hudson Valley Currency” back then – a local currency he and his group hoped to design to work in the area

2010-07-27 22:00:00

Mt. Zion African American Burial Ground in Kingston

“For years, I have been curious about an old and seemingly abandoned graveyard at the top of a ridge between Wilbur Avenue and South Wall Street. Today, I had the chance to visit the site

2010-08-02 22:00:00

UPDATE: A Comprehensive Plan Fact Sheet and Call for Comments


2010-08-20 12:00:00

Kingston’s Annual Bluestone Festival at the Maritime Museum in October

“How many of you are familiar with the city of Kingston’s Bluestone and its history? Whether you are a novice or an expert on the subject, plan on visiting the annual Bluestone Festival on Sunday, October 3rd at the Maritime Museum in Kingston.”

2010-08-24 19:00:00

NY African and African-American Burial Ground Website.

“This project serves as a way to organize important documents and to take steps in helping to protect the African and African-American Burial Grounds in the city of Kingston, NY.”

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