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2020-04-28 15:00:00

Welcome to ChronoFlo Timeline Maker

Here, we will show you what makes ChronoFlo the best timeline maker on the web.

2020-05-04 22:00:00

Beautiful timelines you can share on the web

ChronoFlo lets you make stunning interactive timelines just like this one.

2020-05-11 06:00:00

Make your events stand out with images

You can add multiple images to each event on your timeline, making your events shine.

2020-05-17 12:00:00

Or videos and audio

Click on the event bubble to view the videos and listen to the audio. We support YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

2020-05-23 18:00:00

Multiple timeline designs

ChronoFlo Timeline Maker offers multiple designs for you to choose from. This timeline uses our standard 3d design.

2020-05-30 02:00:00

With our 3d timeline design...

…you can choose whether events should appear in the foreground…

2020-06-03 23:00:00

...or in the background

This event has been placed on the background layer. Placing events in different layers can be visually interesting.

2020-06-08 21:00:00

Color important events to make them stand out

ChronoFlo Timeline Maker gives you unparalleled control over how your events appear.

2020-06-15 09:00:00

You can get as creative as you like with colours

You can change the color of virtually every visual element of your events.

2020-06-19 21:00:00

Loads of different event panel designs to choose from

Unlike many of our competitors, ChronoFlo Timeline Maker does not limit you to a single event panel design.

2020-06-26 21:00:00

Such as this beautiful one

Perfect for displaying portraits of historical figures or members of your family

2020-07-02 01:00:00

Highlight important events by making them bigger!

This event has been scaled to 200% its normal size. Enlarge events via the ‘Panel Scale’ option in the Full Event Panel.

2020-07-03 03:00:00

Or this snazzy one

You can change the color of this area to whatever color you want

2020-07-09 06:00:00

This panel is great for showing off your pictures

We hope you like it

2020-07-13 08:00:00

This is a pullquote style panel for those who like to focus on text

According to Wikipedia, a pull quote is a key phrase, quotation, or excerpt that has been pulled from an article and used as a page layout graphic element, serving to entice readers into the article or to highlight a key topic.

2020-07-14 10:00:00

This is the same design as below but with an image

Check out how this panel blurs the content behind it as you scroll the timeline.

2020-07-23 15:00:00

Yes, you can even have circular panels

Who doesn’t love a circle

2020-07-27 11:00:00

You can also display events as durations

Event info

2020-07-29 02:00:00

Alternative circular event panel design

We all love circles

2020-08-03 02:00:00

Alternative duration design

Event info

2020-08-04 02:00:00

Transform your timeline's appearance using themes

You can do this right now by clicking on the theme arrows at the bottom left of this timeline.

2020-08-15 01:00:00

What is this?

Yes, you can show multiple types of graphs. Graphs work nicely on the background layer of a 3d timeline.

2020-08-25 21:00:00

Find out more

Thanks for taking this tour of ChronoFlo Timeline Maker. Click on this event to find out more about our service.

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