ChronoFlo Timeline Maker

Tutorial: Getting Started Video

5th June 2020 | ChronoFlo Editorial

We have published a Getting Started video to guide users through the process of creating media-rich interactive timelines using ChronoFlo Timeline Maker.

The video starts off by explaining how to add events to a timeline and reposition them by dragging. It then moves on to editing events and adding images to them, before taking a look at the various event panel designs ChronoFlo Timeline Maker offers.

Later, the video explains how users can display events as time ranges using our duration panel designs. Then it takes a look at how users cam dramatically change the appearance of their timelines using ChronoFlo Timeline Maker's pre-built themes and designs.

Finally, users are treated to a showcase of the dramatically different types of timeline designs that can be achieved. You can view the timeline above or on YouTube here.

Over coming weeks, we intend to publish more tutorials and tutorial videos. If there is something you're particularly keen for us to provide a tutorial on, do get in touch.

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