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New feature: 3D Timeline

24th Jan 2024 | ChronoFlo Editorial

ChronoFlo's new first person perspective 3D timeline template offers a fun and engaging new way to display your temporal data. Here, we provide instructions on how you too can make a stunning interactive 3D timeline.

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New feature: Sectional timeline design

16th March 2022 | ChronoFlo Editorial

Here, we introduce our new Sectional timeline template, which allows you to split a timeline into multiple horizontal sections and assign events to the sections. Perfect for project timelines.

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New feature: Equal Spacing layout mode

2nd March 2022 | ChronoFlo Editorial

Tidy up the appearance of your timeline with ChronoFlo Timeline Maker's new Equal Spacing layout mode. You now have no excuse for having a messy timeline.

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Featured timeline: Ancient History Timeline

22nd Feb 2021 | ChronoFlo Editorial

Learn about ancient history with this spectacular interactive timeline highlighting the key events that took place in the ancient world.

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New features: Snake timeline, keyboard controls, autoplay, mobile and embed options

23rd November 2020 | ChronoFlo Editorial

We have a bunch of new features to share with you. We hope you like them.

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Learn about: ChronoFlo's timeline templates

12th November 2020 | ChronoFlo Editorial

We take a look at the nine different templates - including our stunning 3D timeline view - that you can choose for your timelines.

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New feature: Hand-drawn timelines using RoughJS

30th July 2020 | ChronoFlo Editorial

ChronoFlo Timeline Maker's latest new feature allows you to give your timelines an eye-catching hand-drawn appearance.

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Tutorial: Getting Started Video

5th June 2020 | ChronoFlo Editorial

We have published a Getting Started video to guide users through the process of creating media-rich interactive timelines using ChronoFlo Timeline Maker.

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Featured timeline: US Presidents Timeline

26th May 2020 | ChronoFlo Editorial

With the US presidential elections due towards the end of this year, we have created a timeline of the US's 45 presidents that we hope will become a useful resource for those interested in US history and politics.

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