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Featured timeline: US Presidents Timeline

26th May 2020 | ChronoFlo Editorial

It is more than a year now since a colleague and I started our journey to create the best timeline maker on the web. Now, we are proud to be able to share some of our work. We have used ChronoFlo Timeline Maker to create this interactive US Presidents Timeline.

With the US presidential elections due towards the end of this year, we hope this timeline will become a useful resource for those interested in US history and politics with a focus on the presidents. School teachers seeking to educate pupils about the US elections may find the timeline particularly useful.

The timeline displays all 45 US presidents, from George Washington to Donald Trump, in chronological order, with key events that took place while they were in office shown below them. You can click on the presidents to read their profile and view an image of them.

In addition to being packed full of interesting facts about US history (did you know that four US presidents have been assassinated or that women only won the right to vote throughout the US in 1920), the timeline also showcases some of the features that we believe elevates ChronoFlo Timeline Maker above most of its competitors.

Firstly, there are the mix of event panel designs shown on the timeline. Unlike most online timeline software, ChronoFlo Timeline Maker does not limit users to a single panel design. Instead, our service offers around 20 different panel designs, and users can mix and match the different designs in a single timeline.

With the US Presidents Timeline, we used one panel design for the presidents and a different one for the key events in US history. This not only makes the timeline more visually interesting but also helps focus people's attention on the presidents. The timeline also features duration bar event designs to display time ranges for events that took place over a period of time, such as the First World War or the Great Depression.

We also hope you like the color scheme we used for the timeline. ChronoFlo Timeline Maker comes with several hand-built themes that you can select from. It is also possible for users to create their own themes, to match their company's brand, for example.

Finally, the US Presidents Timeline takes advantage of a modified version of our Split Timeline design, where events appear above or below a central date line. This is just one of six different timeline designs users can choose between. We also have vertical timeline designs and even a spectacular 3d view.

To find out more about ChronoFlo Timeline Maker, please visit our home page. Also, if you enjoyed our US Presidents Timeline, and think it might be a useful resource for others, please share the timeline online and on social media. We are a new service that is just setting out and would be deeply appreciative of any help you can give us.

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