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Featured timeline: Ancient History Timeline

22nd Feb 2021 | ChronoFlo Editorial

Learn about ancient history with this spectacular interactive timeline highlighting the key events that took place in the ancient world. Ever wondered how long the Persian empire lasted, or who was the first Roman emperor, then this is the history timeline for you.

Packed full of fascinating facts and figures, this timeline will take you on a journey through the ancient world, starting with the rise of civilisations in Iran and Greece, stopping off in Asia for the emergence of the early Chinese dynasties, before returning to Greece and Persia to witness the legendary battles between these two ancient superpowers. And finally onto the rise and fall of the Roman empire.

Along the way, you will also get to learn about important ancient civilisations in Africa, Asia and the Americas. No part of the world is left out. And you will also get to read about the development of writing and mathematics, and find out about the legendary Greek philosophers whose theories about the world remain relevant even today, more than 2,000 years later.

The timeline serves not only as a great educational tool for teachers and students wanting to learn about the far past but also as a showcase of the kind of rich media interactive experiences you can create using ChronoFlo Timeline Maker.

The fascinating historical facts are brought to life through the use of ChronoFlo's multimedia capabilities. Key events are accompanied by photography or illustrations. The events are also categorised on the basis of the continent or location where they took place, and each category has been given a different color, helping viewers to distinguish between them.

Viewers can filter the timeline events by each category, so if you are particularly interested in ancient Africa, you can choose to just display key events that took place in Africa.

The timeline is fun to explore. You can animate to any point in time by clicking on the navigational area at the bottom. Or you can drag the navigational dragger to whiz through the timeline.

The timeline uses ChronoFlo Timeline Maker's Snake template, one of several timeline templates available. This template plots events along a snake-like wiggly date line and is a great way of displaying complicated chronological information in a simple and easy-to-grok manner.

We hope you like this timeline. If you are a teacher or researcher and would like to create something similar to this timeline for your students, please do get in touch for some advice.

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